We are Green Builders & Renewable Energy Experts Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future.


We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to save and create energy. We are unique in the amount of services we offer, allowing us to take a holistic approach when assisting our customers. As innovators, we are constantly studying current research and looking for better ways to serve our customers. We are always analyzing cost, new technology and pushing ourselves to provide the absolute best products at the best price. We offer products and services with a realistic return on investment and payback period. We understand that financial viability is an inherent requirement for something to be sustainable.

Our reputation is one of the best in the business. We are known for being approachable, honest, dependable, trustworthy, and professional. We execute with quality and integrity. Learn more about our team of green building and renewable energy professionals below.

Lloyd Lee | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

About Lloyd Lee

  • About Lloyd…

    Lloyd was born and raised in Texas and has lived in the Central Texas area since 1992. Lloyd worked in construction during college, which spurred his interest in building. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Technology from Southwest Texas University, Lloyd worked in the high tech industry and gained an appreciation for using new technologies to solve old problems. His passion for building and interests in technology led him to pursue an active role in sustainable construction and renewable energy system integrations. At Native, Lloyd cultivates a culture of empowering team members to excel within their individual talents. Lloyd is very proud of his team and considers Native’s long term viability to be a direct result of the passion and hard work each person brings on a daily basis.

    Things that baffle me: People who focus on obstacles when solutions are there if you look for them.

    During the weekend: I enjoy spending time on nearby lakes, rivers, and creeks with my family.

    My best vacation: My wife and I rented a private island in Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

    I am inspired by: My father who never considered inexperience or lack of formal training to be a reason to avoid trying something new.

    My favorite place on earth is in a hammock under a couple of oak trees (or palm trees).

Nick Ryza | Chief Operating Officer (COO)

About Nick Ryza

  • About Nick…

    Nick was born in Austin and raised in Corpus Christi. He went to college at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi and spent many days surfing when he should have been in class. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, he moved back to Austin and started his professional career in the Semiconductors Industry. He began in engineering and ended up in sales and on the side he found himself dabbling in construction. During this time, Nick met his future business partners, and helped to found Native in 2007. At Native, Nick is in charge of the company’s financial operations.

    Thing that baffles me: How difficult my kids’ bedtime still is every night.

    Best vacation: My best vacation was traveling to the Czech Republic with my family and meeting our distant relatives in the small town of Lidechko. It’s probably the largest collection of Ryza’s in the world!

    Random fact: Native’s conception can be tied back to a few pints of Guinness at a pub in Dublin, Ireland.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do: Helping my parents build their home as a teenager. My parents then returned the favor when I wanted to build my home. One thing led to another…

Jason Duvall | VP of Construction

About Jason Duvall

  • About Jason…

    Jason earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology at Texas State University. He holds many certifications including: NAHB Certifications: Graduate Master Builder, Master Certified Green Professional, ARCSA Certified Rainwater Systems Installer and a Safety Certification: OSHA 30HR. Jason has over 13 years experience in the industry and has worked in every aspect of residential construction. At Native, Jason is the director of construction, Jason leads and supports his team, ensuring that construction operations run smoothly and efficiently.

    Favorite Quotes To Live By or Life Slogans: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” and “Remember, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”

    Most Serendipitous Moment: 20 years ago I met my beautiful wife Lauren on a blind date and the rest is history.

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: My middle name is Gandalf.

    My favorite place on earth: Easy, Austin, TX and the beautiful Hill Country, of course.

David Dixon | Business Development Manager

About David Dixon

  • About David…

    David has been with Native since 2008 and is responsible for evaluating and implementing the technologies that enable zero energy home building. It is a dynamic and exciting environment and he continuously looks to improve the capabilities, comfort and sustainability of our homes. David earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science degree from the University of Connecticut in 1994. After five years in the HVAC industry, he returned to the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in environmental science and solar design in 2000. Most of his free time is spent with his wife and two daughters. The days of ultimate frisbee and mountain biking have been supplanted with coaching his daughters’ sports teams and watching them grow too quickly.

    Book that moved me: There have been several books that have shaped by world view. The first that comes to mind is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. This is a great read about the importance of quality.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do: My awakening to the potential of a clean energy future began with a seventh grade science fair project I did on the subject. This was in the early 80’s – when there was less than 10MW of PV installed in the entire US…and now we are over 10GW!

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: I was athletic enough to have played in the 1997 World Ultimate Frisbee Championship games.

    Most serendipitous moment: Serendipitous moments happen all the time. They occur when you reach out to others. That simple act often results in unexpected opportunities.


Cameron Crow

Green Building ConsultantAbout Cameron Crow

  • About Cameron…

    Cameron was born and raised in Austin and has deep roots in Texas, with a long family history in the area dating back to the 1830s. He has been a part of the green building and development movement since 2002, and is the co-creator and former Director of Sales of Los Arboles Tulum, a sustainable, master planned residential community in Tulum, Mexico. Cameron joined Native to help the company continue its mission of leading the way to a sustainable future in Central Texas, with a focus on securing additional custom home and multifamily green building projects.

    Thing that baffles me:
    Water intensive landscaping in Central Texas and other drought-prone areas.

    During the weekend:
    I ride vintage motorcycles, cast fly rods from canoes on Central Texas lakes and rivers, swim in Barton Springs and ride bicycles between local businesses that serve local craft beer.

    Best vacation:
    Surfing / fly fishing trips where the water is warm and the tacos are good.

    Best Advice:
    Be less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution!

Cathy Redson

Senior Commercial ConsultantAbout Cathy Redson

  • About Cathy…

    Cathy Redson is a professional educator with over 20 years of instructional and educational leadership experience. She is a solar PV professional with years of experience training installers, technical sales associates, and creating curriculum for several schools and training organizations. Cathy holds several degrees, awards and credentials, including ISPQ Certified Instructor, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, and NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales Professional. She holds a Master of Science in Vocational Industrial Education Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Jay Thomas

Renewable Energy Sales ManagerAbout Jay Thomas

  • About Jay…

    Phone: 855-253-6284 Ext 1002

    What I do at Native: I am rewarded every day by helping people “go green” and invest in renewable energy and energy efficient systems. My area of expertise is solar, however I am interested in and ready to tackle any project that has a positive impact for my clients and this good green home we call Earth.

    I am inspired by the potential that renewable energy has to make our world a healthier, cleaner and happier place.

    My favorite place on Earth is the forests of New Zealand, and I hope to return someday to walk among the ferns and trees (and tree ferns!)

    My all time dream is to hike the entire length of the 2,663 mile long Pacific Crest Trail, South to North, in one season.

    I would love to meet Neil deGrasse Tyson and pick his brain about the future of space travel. He is my personal hero, and a fellow UT alumnus to boot.


Valerie Paxton

Lead Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Valerie Paxton

  • About Valerie…

    Phone: 512.865.0758 (m)

    Valerie will put her decade of solar experience to use to find the right solar solution for your home.

    Guilty pleasure: Rocking out to the car stereo (at neighborhood friendly volumes)

    Best vacation: Backpacking in the French and Swiss Alps

    Random fact: I’ve done green building construction in Finland

    All time dream: To visit the ERCOT control center

Brooke Marshall

Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Brooke Marshall

  • About Brooke…

    Phone: 855-253-6284 ext. 1011

    My goal is to help clients understand the benefit of solar and design the best solar solution for their home.

    During the weekend I enjoy doing anything outside with family and friends.

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me is that my summer job while in college was a Whitewater Rafting Guide.

    My best vacation was backpacking in Europe with my husband in the summer of 2009, and I remember being really excited about Disney World when I was 5 years old.

    I’m not sure if it is my favorite place on earth but one that I consider magical and has a very special place in my heart is Crested Butte, Colorado.

John Scoggins

Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout John Scoggins

  • About John…

    Book that moved me … I have been moved by many books but the most powerful book to date is The Secret. It helped me to take the knowledge that I gained from all the other books and turn it into wisdom through application. It is not so much a book as it is a manual now since I reference it and read from it to maintain the spiritual, emotional and mental growth momentum that it promotes.

    Best vacation … In 2007, while courting my wife Joselyn, we went to Thailand for a month and hung out on the island of Phuket and in the Khao Lak area. We cruised around on a motor scooter and hit all the best beaches, dive sites, restaurants, resorts, temples and scenic hikes that we could find while enjoying excellent Thai massage on a daily basis. This is also my favorite place on Earth.

    In my spare time … When I am not working or seeing to the needs of my family I like to play with my three year old son Conner, play disc golf, play my guitar, meditate in the steam room, write lyrics for songs and treatments for full length feature films as well as work on solutions for global threat issues.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do … While in California attending a men’s weekend event I was introduced to a Lakota Sioux medicine man at a traditional purification ceremony. We connected in a way that inspired him to journey to Maui, where I lived at the time, to conduct a series of lectures and healing sweat lodges. During this experience I realized that I was being called to serve God and Mother Earth by helping to promote natural resource conservation, environmental health awareness and solutions to the cause and effect of climate change and global warming.


Omeed Badkoobeh

Lead Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Ommed

  • About Omeed…

    As a Solar Energy Consult at Native, I introduce customers to their options for using solar power and assist them to choose a system that fits their needs. I have a great deal of experience in solar design as well as helping my clients look at the whole-house picture to reduce their overall consumption and make solar power even more effective.

    A random fact about me I average around 83mpg on my Chevy Volt and like to power it with the sun’s rays whenever possible.

    In my spare time I’m usually outside playing sports, biking, or fixing things around the house. Recently, my wife and I have really gotten into “speed” disc golf.

    My all time dream is to own a small farm with modern net-zero home but be a short drive away from the city.

Adam Crow

Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Adam Crow

  • About Adam…

    My job at Native is to educate Texas homeowners about the benefits of solar energy and whole home efficiency. I also aim to lessen barriers to entry – with the reduction in costs of solar PV systems and new financing programs, adding solar and other energy-saving features to homes is easier and more cost effective than ever.

    Superpower: I’ve been told I’m like a modern day MacGyver, but without the 80s hair. I loved that show as a kid, and I do have the ability to fix nearly anything and come up with a solution to almost any problem. It may not be a superpower, but it’s a valuable skill set.

    Best Vacation: My favorite trip was our visit to the Grand Canyon. The sheer vastness of the place can’t be appreciated unless you are there in person. No photograph can do it justice. I’m not afraid of heights, and I could have spent hours just sitting on one of many rock points that hung out over the canyon. That is, if my wife had not been yelling at me, “Get back here – you have the car keys!”

    Best Advice: It’s a combination of a few related nuggets: 1. Pick your battles 2. Don’t sweat the small stuff 3. Don’t stress over things you cannot control.

    During the weekend I… love to be outside, weather permitting. My wife and I and our 3 boys love to explore the beautiful Greenbelt, Enchanted Rock, Pedernales Falls, and pretty much anywhere in and around Austin that can be hiked.

Rushabh Desai

Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Rushabh Desai

  • About Rushabh…

    Best advice – Wisdom is looking within yourself and seeing nothing…Love is looking beyond and seeing yourself in everything.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do – Partaking in outdoor activities and feeling one with nature made me understand the concept of balance and how we interact with the environment.

    Most serendipitous moment – Whenever I go hiking and Camping I have a serendipitous moments, but my favorite would have to be staring at the Pir Panjal Range of Mountains (mid-Himalayan range) and feeling a sense of absolute nothiness and oneness at the same time.

    My favorite place on earth – Porto Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza Brazil.. probably the best beach I’ve ever been too.


Kerry McEntire

Renewable Energy ConsultantAbout Kerry McEntire

  • About Kerry…

    At Native, I get to help families save energy in ways that are good for the environment.

    Superpower -Teleportation to save travel time.

    Party trick – Impersonating Steve Irwin & Arnold Schwarzenegger in both English & Spanish.

    In my spare time I do fun things with my kids, hike, fish, hunt for treasure, restore classic Mercedes Benz’s & make biodiesel.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do – if you look at history, it’s almost always been cheaper to do things that are not good for the environment, like build taller smoke stacks because people thought, “the solution to pollution is dilution,” or to dump waste further out in the ocean so it wouldn’t wash up on shore. Solar and the other services we offer make it cheaper to do the right thing for the environment AND for the clients we serve.

Johanna Kraus-Darden

Customer Care SpecialistAbout Johanna Kraus-Darden

  • About Johanna…

    I’m a native Texan, and I lived in Boulder, CO where I got my BA in Sociology. Since 2010, my career in politics is what has led to my platform of advocating environmental impacts on society. It is a unique opportunity to live in Austin, where we actively pursue a future that supports our city financially and environmentally.

    Job at Native: I market and motivate young professionals to talk with Texas homeowners about changing their future of energy consumption by going solar.

    Book that inspired me: Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.

    Guilty pleasure: hot wings and craft beer, while laying in a hammock and planning a trip on my laptop.

    Favorite place in the world: standing on the very top of a mountain that you just summited.

    Thing that inspired me to do what I do: Whatever you do for work, make certain you love it. What you do for a living is exactly as such – it is a major part of determining your happiness in this life.

Erika Dahl-Stamnes

Sales AdministratorAbout Erika

  • About Erika…

    I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a bachelor’s in Biology and Studio Art with an additional major in Environmental Studies. I grew up all over the world and have visited several countries. This provided me a unique perspective on the world, especially how different places treat the Earth. From a young age I have been intrigued by Earth, its processes, and all its plants and creatures. It wasn’t until the end of college that I realized that I could be a direct impact to aid mother Earth with my efforts to educate those around me.

    Here at Native I am a field marketing representative doing exactly that, going directly out into the field to speak with the public educating them on the benefits of solar for their home.

    Superpower: To talk to animals

    Random Fact:I have been kissed on the head by Colin Powell twice within a decade.

    I’d love to meet this person: I would have really loved to meet Steve Irwin, he really inspired me to appreciate all the beauties in the world and grasp the power of educating others about them.

    My favorite place on earth: Scuba diving in Caribbean waters :)


Amie Diehl

Administrative/HR ManagerAbout Amie Diehl

  • About Amie…

    Amie is an Administrative/HR Manager at Native. She oversees customer paperwork and accounts receivables while managing the human resource needs of the company. She has an Economics degree from Texas Tech University and has 12 years of sales and administrative experience in the shipping industry.

    Guilty Pleasures: Zumba. Body Pump. 80’s Rock Bands. 90’s Grunge. Nickelback. Rock Concerts. Sonic Sweet Tea (cut-in-half). Naps.

    Random Fact About Me: I love to travel. Some of the exotic places I have visited are Russia, Sweden, Finland, England, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai. My favorite “go to” places are Laguna Beach and San Francisco.

    I am inspired by: God. My family. My friends. Random people doing great things for others.

    Why I do what I do: The need to protect the environment. The want to teach my kids how to be productive citizens. The hope that their world will be a healthy and safe.

Terri Serafine

Utility AdministratorAbout Terri Serafine

  • About Terri…

    Terri graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration specializing in Marketing with a minor in Computer Science from East Texas State University. Terri prepares and manages all rebate and interconnection utility paperwork as well as uploads and inputs all sales leads into NATiVE’s lead distribution system.

    Best Vacation: On our 10 year wedding anniversary we took our family to Maui to renew our wedding vows.

    During the weekend : When I am not attending events with my children I am usually riding on the back of my husband’s Harley Davidson street glide.

    Likes: Attending both Dripping Springs Middle and High School Football games to watch my son play football and my daughter cheer.

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth.

Elizabeth Cazares

Finance AdministratorAbout Elizabeth Cazares

  • About Elizabeth…

    Elizabeth has her Bachelors degree in Communication with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University. She handles accounts receivable at Native.

    Superpower: Time Travel

    During the weekend: I enjoy being with my family.

    Best Advice: Have no regrets

    My  hero is: my mom


Amy Olsen

Construction Coordinator

  • About Amy…

    Amy educates people about Native and our services, goals and projects. Amy graduated from the University of Northern Arizona with a degree in Elementary Education, art and Spanish. She owns an organic farm with her family outside of Austin.

    Best Advice: Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

    Most serendipitous moment: They happen all the time, just pay attention!

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: I am a mixed bag. I love milking a cow just as much as I love going to a broadway show. I secretly long to be Amish as much as I want to live in an uber modern highrise. I love Bruce Springsteen as much as I love Garrison Kellior. I am ¼ peruvian and look like I’m Swedish!

    I am inspired by: My husband. He is the most driven person I have ever met in my life and he is a wonderful father to our little girl.

Ryan Doty

Digital Marketing & MediaAbout Ryan Doty

  • About Ryan…

    Born and raised in the midwest, Ryan went to school for art, film, & theatre, attending Purdue University, Oxford, and the University of Central Florida. He has a varied background, with experience working in graphic design, film, computer-aided drafting, website design & optimization, marketing, education, construction, carpentry, and solar PV. Ryan manages the NATiVE website, produces videos, graphics, and maintains NATiVE’s digital presence.

    During the weekend: I like to spend time on the greenbelt hiking and swimming with my dogs and family.

    Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: Although pretty laid back and mellow, I am an adrenaline/sports junkie. I like skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, flying (piloting), sailing, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, climbing mountains, and long to base jump, hang glide, pilot a helicopter, and fly bigger planes. Oh, and I’d like to travel through space.

    My guilty pleasures: Video games

    Best advice: Don’t eat yellow snow.

Tonya Young

Construction CoordinatorAbout Tonya Young

  • About Tonya…

    As Construction Coordinator, Tonya supports the construction team to help facilitate efficient operations while your home is built. She transitions your project from Sales & Estimating to Construction and remains involved throughout the entire process and after move in. You will work with Tonya to approve selections and change orders, for homeowner portal assistance, and to submit warranty claims. She’s excited you’ve chosen NATiVE to build your new, sustainable home and strives for positive homeowner experiences during and after construction.

    Best advice: Let Go. Let God.

    In my spare time I enjoy watching documentaries.

    I am inspired by people who are genuine, selfless, and driven to find solutions for daunting issues, for the benefit of the world we all live in and are responsible for together.

    My favorite place on earth is in a good dream.


Jonathan Clow

Construction Operations ManagerAbout Jonathan Clow

  • About Jonathan…

    A Texas transplant from Durango, Colorado, Jonathan has brought a diverse background of construction project management experience to the Native team since 2010. As a Green Building Consultant, Jonathan brings his years of on-site field experience to the sales team through technical plan analysis, estimating, and creative problem solving. His passion is to provide a fun, creative, and inspired atmosphere for collaborating with homeowners and architects throughout the design and pre-construction process. Jonathan holds a BA in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and a Certified Graduate Builder designation from the NAHB.

    I am inspired by: My dad he taught me the value of hard work, taking chances, dreaming big, and being passionate about what I do.

    During the weekend: I do home maintenance, repair cheap toys, bandage wounds, referee fights, and generally have a lot of fun with my family.

    Favorite Place on Earth: Telluride, Colorado in a white-out blizzard with a snowboard strapped to my feet.

    Best Vacation: It’s a toss up between Heli-skiing in British Columbia and chartering a catamaran for a week in the BVI – both were equally epic.

Rusty Smith

Project ManagerAbout Rusty Smith

  • About Rusty…

    Rusty is an on-site superintendent specializing in building science and mechanical systems.

    Superpower: Balance.

    During the weekend: I spend as much time outside as possible.

    I’m inspired by: The possibility of learning new things.

    Best Vacation: Backpacking around Europe while in college.

Joe Godin

Warranty ManagerAbout Joe Godin

  • About Joe…

    As a Project Manager for Native, Joe orchestrates new construction projects and maintains customer satisfaction through communication.

    During the weekend: I like to drive my Model T roadster around town with my son (when it’s warm enough).

    Random Fact: There are 206 bones in an adult human.

    All time dream: Road Trip to Alaska with my dad and son.

    My favorite place on earth: In the Riviera with a drink, but I never drink if I’m driving it.


Leif Dove

Project ManagerAbout Leif Dove

  • About Leif…

    As a native Central Texan, I’ve seen the area grow and change. In my position, I’m part of creating some smart and beautiful construction projects. I go to work every day to support my incredible family. My wife and 2 young daughters keep me energized and their creativity keeps me busy with farm and ranch projects at home. Mountain biking and trail building have been life-long passions. When I’m not at work, I’m usually still working, but that’s okay.

    At Native, I get the opportunity to build thoughtful homes for thoughtful people.

    I’m inspired by my children and helping to shape their future.

    I think my super power is my ability to read people, both by first impression and then later, by their behavior.

    My hero is my wife. She has super powers beyond belief.

    In my spare time I build trails in the woods. I believe that getting people into nature will increase their appreciation for it. It’s a humble honor to help shape the outdoor experience of others.

Jason Miskolczi

Holistic Project ManagerAbout Jason Miskolczi

  • About Jason…

    I am a project manager for new custom home construction, aiding in the development of exciting future business potentials to expand the goals of Native’s forward thinking in green innovation at the consumer level.

    I’d love to meet the late Robert Heinlein because he grew as a person to think beyond himself from his beginnings to his death. He wrote with such profound insight and thought that he was the most influential science fiction writers to ever delve into the subjects of the 20th Century.

    Likes all Mel Brooks movies. Such a comedic genius.

    In my spare time I enjoy disc golf, playing washers, and stimulating conversation over a good beer.

Peter Stern

Project ManagerAbout Peter Stern

  • About Peter…

    I’m helping to bring Native:

    • To the goals they want and will accomplish
    • To match the environmental balance with the homes and living styles the residents want
    • To help bring our planet to a cleaner and restorative state

    Why I do what I do: Building is in my blood. Really, I can’t imagine not building. I still get excited about each new project. I am emulated by all those associated with Native.

    Most serendipitous moment is right now this very moment. I don’t look back but only learn from the past. This moment is to be the best I can be every second of my life. Always give 110% and let it be.

    I like working out, doing everything with passion and enjoy being healthy and alive.

    My favorite place is the beach, sand and the sound of the water.


Nathan Cox

Site SuperintendentAbout Nathan Cox

  • About Nathan…

    Nate has been a Certified Universal HVACR technician since 1995 and he has been with Native since 2010. At Native, Nate is our Geothermal Operations Manager.

    Random fact about me: I never go bowling but I am a certified Brunswick vintage Model A/A2 pinsetter mechanic.

    If I won a million dollars: I would have Native build my net zero my home then retire.

    Best holiday destination ever: Casa Verde. The southern most point on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to get away from it all.

    Favorite movie: Cast Away

Les Wilcox

Commercial PV Project ManagerAbout Les Wilcox

  • About Les…

    At NATiVE I project manage commercial and Lennar home solar installs. I also perform residential sight assessments.

    During the weekend I: Spend most of the time outdoors with the family. We do a lot of hikes, long runs, or bike rides around the Hill Country. Also we like to take the kayaks out to the local water holes.

    My favorite place on earth: MacRea’s Peak, grandfather mountain, NC. At the peak there is a 360 degree vue of the blue ridge mountains.

Elijah Johnson-Heck

Lead DesignerAbout Elijah Johnson-Heck

  • About Elijah…

    Elijah’s interest in building design started at a very young age. He got the opportunity to apprentice with a team of architects at the age of 14, and spent his teen years working on a variety of residential construction and historical restoration projects. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where he studied history, anthropology and cinematography, and spent a number of years after college working on film productions, commercial photography and residential construction jobs. It was during this time that his interest in sustainable design and renewable energy took off, and he reentered the construction field full time and began working for design build firms that specialized in both residential and commercial construction, but the motives and projects of the companies he worked for did not align with his own vision for the role of sustainability in construction until he relocated to Austin and found Native. Elijah designs Photovoltaic installations. He holds his NABCEP solar certification.

    Book that moved me: Brave New World Revisited by Aldous Huxley. It was written 20 years after Brave New World in the 1950s, wherein he describes how the world is moving towards what he envisioned in the 1930s novel faster than he could ever have anticipated. He predicts the collusion of media, government and corporate power that we have been watching develop over the last 50 years and suggests that the only way to battle this inevitability is through autonomy and self-sufficiency.

    Thing that baffles me: I am baffled by the fact that despite all science has taught us and despite all that technology has made us capable of achieving, we still allow our fellow humans to destroy our planet and deplete our natural resources at an unsustainable pace.

    Best advice: The best advice I can offer is to question everything and to learn something new every day.

    My hero is: My maternal grandfather, a veteran of the first US ski troopers in WWII who went to Harvard on the GI bill when that was still possible and spent his life as a teacher, always willing to share his knowledge and understanding with anyone willing to learn. He taught me more about life and respecting my fellow humans than anyone else I’ve ever known.


Kalden Swinson

DesignerAbout Kalden Swinson

  • About Kalden…

    I design residential solar systems for Native. I also have obtained an understanding of installing and estimating PV system sizes from past experiences over the years.

    A book that moved me: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, what I learned from it baffled me about how people treated nature in the past and present.

    In my spare time: I try to build useful things out of recycled everyday items and I also tend to a garden.

    My guilty pleasures: Watching Nascar, NHRA top fuel, and dirt track racing, because I respect the engineering and driving skills required.

    My all time dream: Is owning a farm that processes every aspect of sustainability known to man, and growing old with my wife on it. Also a kangaroo on the farm would be cool.

Stuart Priour

Residential PV Project ManagerAbout Stuart Priour

  • About Stuart…

    Stuart is a Systems Technician. If you’ve got a problem, he’ll fix it!

    Book that moved me – The Adventures of Huck Finn. Mark Twain is hilarious and I’ve always wanted to sleep in a wigwam.

    Guilty pleasure – Dancing to Katy Perry’s “Firework”

    Best advice – “Just make something.” -My dad, an artist

    During the weekend I practice my licks on the guitar

Sawyer Flanakin

Solar Site Assessor/PV Service TechAbout Sawyer Flanakin

  • About Sawyer…

    I assist all areas of our renewables team by gathering and verifying site data to ensure system to home compatibility from start to finish. I am also involved in customer service and system monitoring, giving client’s a first hand view into how their system performs and functions.

    SuperPower: Super sticky shoes

    Book:Frank Hebert’s Dune – Since reading this classic sci-fi series, I have found a new appreciation and respect for the precious and limited natural resources that we often take for granted.

    On the weekend: I can be found doing anything from building backyard salvaged materials projects to riding mountain bikes with friends at local parks or trails. I take advantage of the long Texas summer’s by swimming or paddling as often as possible in the many rivers and waterholes the area has to offer.

    Things most people wouldn’t know about me: My dog and I live in a 1970’s Airstream travel trailer that I have been renovating for over two years and I love it!